Inspiring book cover designs

1darkhour--aWhether printed or digital, a book will always need a compelling cover design—no matter what how much the publishing industry continues to evolve.

4vision--aI’m a graphic designer at my day job but I’ve only designed brochure and magazine covers, not book covers. Book cover design is an art form all by itself and I’m a little in awe of the artists I’ve been researching. And more than a little inspired.

I purchased a Nook a few months ago and am in love with it. One of the best things about it is having the right tool to download free eBooks from David C. Cook twice a week. (Check out Be Notified of Free eBooks! to sign up.)  I’ve explored books in genres I would have never dabbled in before (like my new favorite, Christian contemporary romance) from authors I’ll want to follow in the future.

10illusion--aViewing the cover artwork on a lighted screen offers vibrancy and color that you don’t get from a book printed on paper. I started looking for the cover design and photo credits. David C. Cook provides this information at the end of the legalese.

DogEared DesignA name that kept coming up was Kirk DouPonce at DogEared Design. His website is designed to look like an open book. His bio reads like the back cover of a book and he’s got an impressive client list. Most importantly, check out his book cover designs! Oh my goodness. The man is talented. As a designer, I’m inspired by how the artist assembles assets into a cohesive, stunning work of art.

The designs appear to feature original illustrations. David C. Cook credits show that the designers sometimes use relatively inexpensive stock photos sites like iStockphoto and Shutterstock. It’s what the designers do with the assets—photo illustration—that make the covers reach out and grab you.

CoolWoman3DDouPonce offers a tutorial showing how he accomplished “The Cool Woman” book cover at Letterhead Magazine. I’m going to check it out! Beautiful cover designs are within reach.

What’s your favorite book cover?