About Natalie

I’m an ACFW member and award-winning, unpublished writer of contemporary Christian fiction. I made a commitment to writing for the purpose of publication in September 2010. Check out Logging my journey to publication.

Bottom line? I. Love. Writing. It’s a fun, frustrating, fulfilling, fanciful, hopeful endeavor. I also can’t read enough about it—writing books, magazines, and blogs.

I’ve been a graphic designer for 16 years and love the challenge of communicating visually—a pretty dandy complement to writing. I’m a seriously geeky word nerd who has copy edited, proofread, and designed all manner of printed materials.

An Oregon native, I was raised on forty-five acres of woods that my parents made available to church groups for picnics and retreats. Each summer of my childhood included a week away at Bible camp. My first novel takes place at a Bible camp in the Pacific Northwest. It was a blast revisiting some of those memories and working the mental images into my story.

I live with my husband—my sounding board, listening ear, encourager, butt kicker—in Southern California with our five adoring dogs. When you’ve had a hard day at work, there’s nothing better than coming home to a husband who loves you and dogs who worship the ground you walk on—ahhh…. unconditional love.

I am a Christian who is eternally grateful for the hope, forgiveness and purpose that can only be found through faith in Jesus Christ.

About this blog

I launched NatalieSharpston.com in March 2011 to write about the joys and travails of the writing life and enjoy fellowship with other bloggers.

My intent for the blog has evolved in the past two years. My original goal was to show potential agents and publishers how serious I am about the journey to publication and my willingness to build an online platform and market myself. Since that time, I’ve learned that blogging isn’t critical for unpublished fiction writers so I use it to capture what I’m learning and experiencing along the way.

As for my blogging schedule? I don’t have one. I post only when I have something to say instead of forcing myself to keep a strict schedule and try to be brilliant on demand. I save that intentional mojo for when I’m sitting down to work on my second novel. 🙂

Updated March 2013

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  1. Hi Natalie –

    Just came across your blog…..I have self published 3 books in the past but am really wanting to get my latest – what I call a motivational parable – published through a publishing house – so I am searching for literary agents at present…but at the same time I am releasing it to my blog audience first…thought you may like to have a look….

    The introduction starts here:http://www.motivationalmemo.com/the-creator-first-motivational-parable-from-peter-g-james-sinclair/

    Just thought it may encourage you…


  2. Hi Natalie – just found your blog and not only am I too a graphic designer by day; writer by sporadic interlude (I’m not disciplined enough to specify a regular time of day!) but we also share use of the ‘Elegant Grunge’ theme! I hope your enthusiasm for writing never wanes as that’s what keeps us all tapping/writing away while the outside world is still waiting to discover our unique perspectives. Good Luck with it all!


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