Cherishing a milestone: Could someone pinch me please

In 1977, Andrea McArdle played Annie in the Broadway musical Annie. For Christmas that year, my folks gave me the soundtrack—on vinyl, of course. I was eight years old. I drove my older brothers crazy as I sang along with Annie, over and over and over again. Alas, a vocalist I would never be. But it was fun to dream.

In 2012, I’m a 42-year-old aspiring writer—and it’s still fun to dream.

While I’ve already mentioned that I received two writing nods at the OC Christian Writers Conference in May, it’s pretty awesome to see the evidence in pixel-print from other sources on the world wide web.

Could someone pinch me please?

Thank you to Darla McDavid at for the huge shout out on your blog! I hope to repay the favor for you someday soon.

The OC Christian Writers Conference announced the winners on their blog and on Facebook:

It’s extraordinarily exciting when a dream begins to take the shape and form of reality.

I think I’m gonna like it here.

The OCCWC blog said it best: “Congratulations one and all for taking a step of faith and submitting your work.”

My fellow writers: Keep on dreaming as you work hard! And then take that step of faith.

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  1. No need for a pinch, my dear, because you’re not dreaming. You’re a hardworking writer who’s earned some well-deserved praise. And I know there will be more to come!

  2. I had Annie on vinyl, too–and loved it just as much. Your journey is a refreshing one to follow and I look forward to reading more about how it takes shape.


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