Something Borrowed: “I’ve never had a book hug me like that.”

I dragged my husband to a chick flick Saturday night: Something Borrowed, the movie adaptation of Emily Giffin’s novel by the same name. And boy, was it ever a chick flick. I loved it. But I had to whisper apologies to my hubby several times throughout the movie because of the overall girlishness of it all.  “I owe you big, honey!” I said, squeezing his hand.

Rachel, the plain-Jane heroine, is in love with her best friend’s fiancé, Dex. The beautiful best friend, Darcy, stole Dex from Rachel six years ago. Ethan is Rachel’s other best friend, and while he acts like a girlfriend, he is secretly in love with her.

Rachel is loyal to Darcy almost to a fault. Darcy parties through life, taking whatever she wants when she wants it, and rarely gives anyone else’s feelings a thought—especially Rachel’s. You want to strangle her, while also wanting to kick Rachel in the backside for letting Darcy walk all over her.

In one scene, Rachel is sitting on a park bench, talking with a supporting character. On the bench next to them is a woman reading an Emily Giffin book. I couldn’t make out the title, but I thought that was a fun little cameo for the author’s work. Check out her website. She has a beautiful brand. The pastel colors are striking. The typography is simple. Her book cover designs are minimalist.

Back to the movie… Both Dex and Ethan have separate, relationship-defining scenes with Rachel where their eyes welled up with tears. One movie is not big enough for two men about to be crybabies. I’m just saying.

And [Spoiler alert!] finally, after many pushes and pulls, joys and angst, Rachel winds up stealing Dex back, almost losing her best friend in the process.

It was a perfect chick flick. I would have enjoyed it much more with a girlfriend as I knew my hubby was wishing he was somewhere else. After the movie, while my husband and I walked out of the theatre, I promised to see no less than five action films to make up for the torture he had just endured for me.

Walking in front of us were two friends talking enthusiastically about the movie. Only one had read the book, and she was telling her friend how good it was, but how the next book, Something Blue, was even better.

“I’ve never had a book hug me like that,” she said, with great feeling.

I had to write that down. I loved how she put it. I have been the recipient of hugs from books many, many times; I had just never thought of it that way.

I thought my fellow book lovers out there would concur. : )

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