Stop talking. Start doing.

I’ve talked about writing, read about writing, and written about writing for years.  The dream was there but the drive was not, and what better way to keep you from writing than a dollop of unproductive self-loathing for not “doing”? What got me off of my duff?

There was a false start over two years ago when I attempted creative non-fiction in a memoir entitled, The Dark Night of the Soul. I had much to draw from as I had journaled from the time I was fourteen until I met my future husband at twenty-seven. The story I began to write took me back to a tough time in my twenties; a time I was apparently not ready to revisit. I was surprised by—and unprepared for—the power that the written word had on my soul. That power felt very dangerous. I had to set writing aside for a while.

The writing bug wouldn’t go away. In the time that had passed since that Dark attempt, I left a horrible, ill-suited job, married my longtime boyfriend/best friend, and got right with God. I’m now happily ensconced in a challenging, fulfilling job as a graphic designer/art director at a higher education institution, and even more happily situated in a supportive marriage.

But that wasn’t all it took to get unblocked. More to come…

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