Motivate and educate yourself: The Writer and Writer’s Digest

As I geared up to seriously focus on writing, I bought two magazine subscriptions: The Writer and Writer’s Digest. My husband grumbled, wanting me to choose between the two. But I can’t. I like them both. I read every issue, cover to cover, as soon as possible after they arrive. Insights into the publishing industry, grammar tips, writing tricks, feature articles about well-known authors – it’s a smorgasbord for aspiring and known writers.

My favorite sections in each magazine feature stories about how new writers got published. “Breathrough” in The Writer focuses exclusively on one author, while Writer’s Digest’s “Breaking In” covers several debut authors in a brief format, asking them about the time frame from writing to publishing their book, about their agent, what they did right, what would they do differently if they could do it over again, what their platform looks like, and what’s next.  There are many, many paths to publication, and it’s fascinating to learn what each person did to break through.

There is so much valuable content on the websites of both magazines, but as I sit at a Mac all day at work, the last thing I want to do is read articles online. Once in a while I’ll go find an article of interest, print it out, and read it during my lunch break.

In an upcoming post, I will compare and contrast the two magazines. I’m going to have to pick one. It’ll help me stay married.

I want to check out Poets & Writers next. My husband will love that.

Write to me.

Which magazine do you prefer? The Writer or Writer’s Digest?

Do you recommend Poets & Writers?

Update – April 20, 2011

A week ago, both The Writer and Writer’s Digest arrived in my mailbox on the same day. Which did I go to first? Writer’s Digest. I have made my choice! A few reasons why… it seems more relevant to the current issues in publishing. It’s more hands on. The design and layout is classier. I just like it better.